Singles Flex Leagues

With the potential of adding Singles Flex Leagues to the official calendar in 2024, we will be making some adjustments to the structure from lessons learned from our first Singles Flex League earlier this year.

General league information:

  • Flex format allows players to schedule matches with their opponents at their convenience. 1 match per week on average is to be expected
  • All matches are played a full 2 out of 3 sets, regular scoring, with a 10 point tiebreaker played in lieu of a 3rd set, balls provided by the players
  • Both players must report the score to the League Coordinator (Brad Bristow) at the match conclusion
  • Players will play everyone in their group in a round robin format
  • Divisions are comprised of both male and female players
  • General requirements for each level (division) are provided in the description of each CourtReserve reservation form to help players decide which division to start in
  • Registration begins Sept 20 and continues thru Oct 1
  • League play begins the week of Oct 1and is expected to end by Nov 30
  • For any questions or clarifications, please contact Brad at 903-267-9561

We are looking forward to adding more fun events to our calendar for 2024, with a few more planned in 2023. Hoping to also see everyone at the Club Champs in October, and keep an eye out for a potential in house Pickleball Tournament!

Fall 2023 Singles Flex League

Division 1

Per AngerstigMichael HolmesLes Stark
Jason DavisConnie DavisBryan Merckling
Chuck MengesChris LanzoneDarren Allport
John Long

Division 1 – Standings/Order of Play

Division 1 – Scores

Division 2

Rahul VasudevaChad MeachamDebra Konjanovski
Jairo OlivarasTim KuceraCory Carlyle
Meagan Carter

Division 2 – Standings/Order of Play

Division 2 – Scores

Division 3

Wagner DaSilvaMisty CarlyleBaron Oursler
James TarterPhil JacksonSteve Deere
Cassedy Crawford

Division 3 – Standings/Order of Play

Division 3 – Scores

Division 4

Kathy SpletterLeila GibsonVanessa Rizzari
Jacqueline NibaMatt LoefflerRae Ann Boswell
Randy KleinJohn Gillespie

Division 4 – Standings/Order of Play

Division 4 – Scores