Women’s Flex League:

Registration for our new Women’s Doubles Spring Flex League starts soon!

The Women’s Doubles Spring Flex League is offered for teams at a 7.0/7.5 combined level of play.  Teams should have a combination of USTA ratings or approximated tennis skill levels that sum up to at least 7.0 but no more than 7.5

Start date will be announced soon!

Mixed Leagues:

Leagues are a great way to meet new opponents while honing your tennis skills!  Our leagues are mixed and last 6-8 weeks.

Leagues are $30 for members & $40 for non-members (subject to availability-Members will be given first opportunity to fill leagues)

          Tuesdays:   3.0 at 7 pm

          Wednesday:  4.0+ at 7 pm

          Thursdays: 3.5 – 4.0  at 7 pm

Winter 2018 League just began!    Its not too late to add your name to the sub list!  Don’t miss out!

To sign up for leagues contact:
Jim Keton      214-850-1343     jhketon@me.com

Other Programs:

2018 TCD / Metro: 

February 21 -May 2                 TCD Love 50 Ladies

February 22 -May 3               TCD Ladies League

February 24 -May 5              Metro Saturday League

February 25 -May 6              TCD Mixed League