Love fun competition? League is recreational match play based on levels so you will play with and against players of similar abilities. League is also a fantastic way to meet new people while polishing your tennis skills. Whether new to the game or a former player, there’s a spot for you!

Doubles Leagues

Chandlers Landing Tennis also offers leveled co-ed doubles leagues. Each league session is 8 weeks and there are 5 league sessions per year. If you are interested in playing in a league, you may contact our league coordinator, Judd Esch at 972-841-9908.

Leagues are $30 for members / $45 for non-members (subject to availability). Members will be given the first opportunity to fill leagues.

Please review the Doubles League Rules and Procedures

2023 Winter Doubles Leagues




It’s not too late to be a sub!

2022 Fall League Final Standings

PlaceTuesday 3ATuesday 3BWednesday 4AWednesday 4BWednesday 4CThursday 3.5AThursday 3.5B
1st PlaceChloe SotoSheri TackettTroy ColeCraig WatersDan EynonStefan HalamaBob Holliman
2nd PlaceLuke ShaferTerry CassMichael FrajkorRobert FitzgeraldMike HolmesRick RobertsMark Linane
3rd PlaceBarry YoungEdna GandyEric DehnertDe LangeDavid DunlapDebra KonjanovskiJohn Brummett

Congratulations !!!

Archive of Previous League Winners

7-Point Coman Tiebreak Rules

If a set reaches 5 games all, a Coman tiebreak will be played

  1. Players whose turn it is to serve shall serve the first point from deuce court.
  2. After the first point, the players shall change ends and the following two points shall be served by the opponents starting with the ad court.
  3. Each player/team shall serve alternately for two consecutive points (starting with the ad court).
  4. Players shall change ends after every 4 points (after the 1st, 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th points, etc.) until the end of the tiebreak game.
  5. The first team to reach 7 points with at least a two-point margin wins the tiebreak. Numerical scoring is used throughout the tiebreak.
  6. Players shall change ends after every 4 points AND at the conclusion of the tiebreak. When changing ends during the tiebreak, players are not allowed a break; play is continuous. After the tiebreak is completed, the normal time between sets can be taken.
  7. Players must serve in the same rotation. The team that served first in the set that ended the tiebreak (served first in the tiebreak) shall RECEIVE service in the first game of the following set.