2024 CLT Tournament Update

In 2023, we experimented with a lot more varying formats and events in our calendar and are planning to use what we learned going forward into the upcoming year. From multiple two-day events, Tri-Level formats and flex leagues, 2023 was a very fun learning process. Additionally, with the recent increase in players and teams at CLT, our team seasons have become busier than ever year round. Our main goals going forward are a) to better work around major seasons to allow more players to participate, b) adjust formats slightly to allow players to get more play during each event and c) mix up our standard tournament schedule to allow for more fun and exciting events.

With all that said, some things we already know about our schedule changes for 2024 include:

  1. Polar Bear 2024 will be a multiple event tournament with players having the option to play in Men’s/Women’s Doubles and/or in Mixed Doubles as well
  2. Our Club Championships will be structured around allowing for longer formats per round to truly make it our definitive Championship tournament of the year
  3. Similarly, our Mixed Club Championships goal will be to make that weekend about earning the Mixed Doubles title with longer formats and more play
  4. We will be adding a Combo Doubles Tournament to the 2024 events calendar with divisions for 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, etc combo teams to allow players to partner with players from different levels
  5. After our very successful Tri-Level Tournament, we will be adding it into our calendar as well

Thank you everyone for making 2023 such a fun year to play competitively in our community and I am excited to continue in 2024! See y’all on the courts!

Please text Brad at 903-267-9561 with any questions!