Doubles League Rules and Procedures

General Information

  • Each match consists of 3 sets, with partner changes after every set.  (Player 1 plays with Player 2, then 3, then 4)
  • The maximum number of games that a player may win per set is 6
  • The maximum points that a player may win per match is 18
  • The Coman tiebreak is played at 5/5.   The tiebreak is played to 7 points and must be won by at least 2 points
  • No later than Sunday evening of each week; matches, court assignments and the current sub list (with contact information) will be posted to the Chandlers Landing Tennis – Leagues webpage
  • Contact the League Coordinator to obtain the password for the sub list
  • Balls & scorecards should be available in the pro shop no later than 6:50 PM on the day of play
  • Warm-up begins at 7 PM
  • A text notification will be sent out no later than 6 PM on the day of your match if play is cancelled.  It is the roster player’s responsibility to notify his/her sub if matches are cancelled
  • Report the results of each set and total games won by each player on the score cards.  After each match, take a picture of the score card and send it via text message to the League Coordinator.  Scores not sent to League Coordinator on league night, may not be updated until the following week
  • Balls and score cards should be returned to the pro shop.  If the pro shop is closed, there is a portal through which the canisters may be dropped
  • Please contact League Coordinator – Judd Esch at 972-841-9908 if you have questions

Use of Subs

  • It is each roster player’s responsibility to obtain and manage their own substitute.   This includes notifying your sub regarding their court assignment and cancellation of League play
  • Inform the League Coordinator prior to the match when using a sub and let him know as soon as possible if you are having difficulty obtaining a sub.  PLEASE contact everyone on the sub list BEFORE asking for help
  • Players are allowed one sub with no penalty.  Each subsequent sub results in the deduction of points
    • 2nd sub is -2 points
    • 3rd sub is -4 points and so on
  • You must obtain prior approval from the League Coordinator if you want to use a sub not on the list
  • In the event you do not report your sub to the League Coordinator, a 2-point penalty will be assessed
  • In the event you use an illegal sub (not on sub list or do not receive prior approval from League Coordinator), a 4-point penalty will be assessed
  • In the event of a no show (player or sub), the player will be assessed a 6-point penalty


  • A text notification will be sent out no later than 6pm on the day of your match, if play is cancelled.  It is the roster player’s responsibility to notify his/her sub if matches are cancelled
  • The match will be rescheduled if 2 or more players want to play
  • If players decide not to makeup the match, an average score will be used for that week
  • The average score will be calculated when 5 weekly scores are available
    • Averaging 5 weekly scores was chosen since it represents a statistically significant body of work and rounding ambiguity is eliminated


  • League standings are determined by total games won
  • League standings will usually be available the day after your match
  • If you believe weekly results have been recorded incorrectly, confirm as necessary with your match players and then notify the League Coordinator.

End of Season Tie-Break Rules

  • 1st tiebreak rule – Head-to-Head points differential
  • 2nd tiebreak rule least number of subs
  • If still tied, players will be declared tied in the standings

Awards will be made for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes