Adult Programs
Adult Programs

Adult Clinics:

Monday10:30am – 12:00pmAdvanced 4.0+Coach Brad
Monday5:30pm – 7:00pmIntermediate 3.0 – 4.0Coach Connor
Monday7:00pm – 8:30pmIntermediate 3.0 – 4.0Coach Diwani
Friday10:30am – 12:00pmIntermediate 3.0 – 4.0Coach Brad
Friday12:00pm – 1:30pmAdvanced 4.0+Coach Brad
Saturday8:00am – 9:00am*BeginnerCoach Diwani 
Saturday9:00am – 10:30am*Intermediate 3.0-4.0Coach Hogan

* Free for Members on the first Saturday of the month

Intermediate/Advanced Clinic: $20 members / $30 non-members per clinic

  • Intermediate/Advanced clinics are 1.5 hours with >4 players, 1 hour with <5 players

Beginner Clinic: $15 member / $20 non-member

RSVP required for all adult clinics.

Adult Clinic Eligibility Policy

For any clinics above that have NTRP ratings assigned, the criteria for attendance eligibility is based on two standards:

  1. A player’s participation and/or eligibility to participate in corresponding CLT league play
  2. A player’s current NTRP rating in the USTA
  3. If neither of the above criteria is known, the decision will be up to the teaching pro

If a player does not have an NTRP rating or is unsure of their eligibility for a clinic, they are welcome and encouraged to contact Brad Bristow for any information or clarifications.

Private Lessons:

  • $70 members/$80 non-members per hour.
  • 2 players: 1-hour private lesson – $35 member/$40 non-member;
  • 3 & Me Lesson 3 players plus the coach: (1.5 hours) $35 per member / $40 per non-member
    • Great for teaching doubles strategies. Allows the coach to play in. The usual format includes warm up then round robin match play.


Registration fees vary for each tournament. Club tournaments divisions are based on the players’ club rating. Division is determined by the ranking of higher-level partner with no more than a .5 level difference.

Club Player Rating System:

Assignment of player ratings for Chandlers Tennis tournaments are based on the following methodology:

  • The first standard to determine a player’s rating will be based on the players’ participation and performance in Chandlers Tennis leagues and tournaments
  • If there is an inadequate history of participation at Chandlers, then a player’s USTA/NTRP rating will be used.
  • In cases where history or USTA/NTRP ratings are not available Chandlers Tennis Head Pro, Brad Bristow, will provide a rating after conducting an evaluation of the players tennis skills.

It is the goal of these guidelines to provide an unbiased and fair pathway for players to reach a desired level in Chandlers Tennis events. A player may appeal their rating to Coach Brad, and he will review the rating with them for possible adjustment.

Each club member will be provided a rating basically aligned with the same numbering system used by the USTA/NTRP: Beginner, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 etc. If you would like to know your rating, please contact Brad at (903) 267-9561 or

NTRP Ratings


$10 Members; $25 non-members

Ball Machine:

No Charge for members; non-members may not use the ball machine.