4B Substitute List

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Andres Rodriguez 214-649-8777
Billy Canning619-990-8677
Billy Ray469-434-8868
Breann Fierro214-727-9552
Cary Shatto214-632-1852
Chip LaCorte843-469-4784
Craig McLemore214-850-1012
Craig Musser 214-417-5195
Dale Ridenour469-369-5154
Daniel Hughes 214-499-5702
De Lange214-558-8047
Doug Smith469-556-9433
Greg Bagwell 903-413-0585
Heather Turck 214-418-8788
Jason Davis214-542-2773
Jason Turck 972-814-4955
Jerry Defeo 214-491-7730
Jesus Fernandez616-881-0330
Jose Gutierrez469-647-2467
Mike Cooper972-742-5601
Mike Iles 972-814-6808
Mike Mallard469-879-7723
Randy Wiecker214-616-6080
Reggie Storey972-965-0676
Robert Moehler469-660-5508
Sho Latipov925-899-7846
Terry Baughman214-649-6253
Trent Slate318-540-5390